About the Service

  • $25/month
  • Up to 1000 megabits
  • No contract
  • No installation fee


801-477-0070 (text/voice)



If you are lucky enough to live in the service area, you can sign up for BackFence Network. The service area is between 400 North and 900 North, and from Main Street to 400 West (see the map below). Sorry, we do not provide service outside of this area.


  • The BackFence Network is a giant LAN connected to a multi-gigabit upstream connection.
  • The network is gigabit with a 10GbaseE (2.5 gigabits) distribution trunk
  • An Ethernet RJ-45 Cat5E cable is installed to your home or business.
  • The cost is $25/month. We have kept to this low price since 2003 and we don’t intend to change.
  • There is no installation fee or contract commitment. You must provide your own wifi router.